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Who We Work With

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ATP has a very diverse customer base with several industries making up the majority of our customers.

While we work with a much more extensive list of industries, a majority of our customers are manufacturing companies, healthcare organizations, professional services organizations (accounting firms, insurance agencies, marketing agencies, etc.) , construction related services (construction, architects, electricians, HVAC, etc.), and nonprofit organizations. As you can see, we work with a lot of different types of companies, which gives us many different perspectives on how IT can be handled. We work to ensure we are taking care of your IT needs based on your industry's standards and compliance requirements such as NIST, CMMC, HIPAA, PCI, etc. This also gives us a great network of local organizations that we can refer you to for other services! Maybe you need accounting, legal, or insurance services. Maybe you need railway maintenance equipment or aluminum extrusion services. Maybe it's something inbetween. Either way, we have a list of trusted customers that we can put you in touch with!

Whether your industry is at the top of this list, or you fall into the "Other" category, we can help with your IT needs! Reach out to us today for more information!



Professional Services

Construction & Related Services

Non-Profit Organizations