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Austintown, Ohio IT Company

With many customers in the Austintown, Ohio area, you will fit right in for fast, friendly, and efficient IT support. We offer support in many different varieties because we know that not all businesses operate the same. We love to meet with our customers and design a customized IT plan specifically for your company. You operate your business different than other companies, so why would you use the same cookie-cutter plan as other companies?

We customize one of the following packages below specifically for your company:

Hourly Service Plans Sometimes you just need a little bit of help here and there. Maybe you have an internal IT department and need some assistance with a large project or during busy times. Maybe you just want to try out our services. That's what our hourly service plans are for. Pay by the hour as you go and pay for all labor, hardware, and software on a time & materials basis.

Monitored Device Plans One step up from our hourly service plan is the monitored device plan. Let us get more involved in your network by monitoring all of your devices for errors and resource issues, we'll also add in our antivirus product and discount your hourly rate because of your commitment to keeping your IT infrastructure safe and secure.

Managed Service Plans The managed service package is where we act as your internal IT department. We will actively monitor and manage your network, we will consistently make recommendations to keep you up-to-date with your IT infrastructure, and we will always be there to assist with integrating your business processes into your technology. All for a competitive monthly rate.

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